Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator

Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator
For those who work in dangerous environments, explosion proof actuators are a must. These electrical devices contain circuits that prevent internal explosions and prevent sparks from igniting gases or vapors in the surrounding environment. They’re the James Bond of actuators—cool under pressure and extremely discreet.

Schischek offers a wide range of electric actuators—quarter turn rotary ‘Max’ actuators for ball, butterfly and plug valves, linear ‘Run’ actuators for globe and control valves, as well as a wide selection of sensors, switch products, and accessories. All are designed to meet the needs of hazardous applications, and all are certified for use in Zones 1 & 2, or Divisions 1, 2 & 22 where flammable gas, vapors, mists or dust may be present.

Our ‘Max’ explosion-proof actuators are available in several models with different output torques. They provide a reliable way to automate your ball, butterfly, plug or gate valves in the most challenging conditions. With a range of options for on-off, 3-position and modulating operation, the ‘Max’ can handle most any task.

Linear ‘Run’ actuators are ideal for the automation of globe and 3-way valves. Forces range from 0.5kN to 10kN. Running times can be selected on-board and stroke length can be set from 5mm to 60mm. ‘Run’ is rated for Zones 1, 2 & 21 & 22 and offers the same explosion protection as the rotary ‘Max’ actuator. They also offer the same safety features such as SIL2. Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator

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