Knee High Grip Socks – The Distance

Whether you’re working out, traveling or simply on your feet all day, our knee high grip socks provide support and comfort for your muscles, legs, hips, back and feet. They help to relieve discomfort from swelling and aches from prolonged standing or sitting and improve circulation and vascular health. For athletes, the circulatory benefits help clear away lactic acid and make room for fresh oxygenated blood so you can perform and recover better.

Our socks are designed to be worn high or scrunched low depending on your preference, with a non slip sole that provides extra stability and support for yoga, barre and Pilates. They also offer added compression to the foot, ankle and arch. Made with soft organic cotton in a variety of colors, these compression socks are perfect for everyday wear or to keep your feet cozy while you work out.

For runners, we tested The Distance’s plush cushioning on 10 milers over a wide range of temperatures, and it proved to be breathable, lightweight and very durable. The sock is slim enough to fit inside close-fitting race shoes, and the compression wraps around your ankles without sagging.

This sock is the best choice for people with mild to moderate chronic venous disease, varicose veins and/or edema. The sock’s fabric is knitted with a gradient of compression from the ankle up to the calf, helping to reduce symptoms such as swelling in the ankles, tired and achy legs, or varicose veins. The sock is available in light, moderate and firm compression levels.

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