10 Trekking Tour in and around Ladakh

  • Markha Valley: Markha Valley Trek is one of the most mesmerizing treks that will make you fall in love with Ladak. This trek is also known as the ‘Tea House Trek’, where parachute camping is available en-route; this trek bids an opportunity to trek through the unusual cold desert valley.

The highlight of this trek includes the royal view of the Kang Yatse peak and Stok Kangri peaks, the visit to rocky rifts and the rustic Buddhist villages. Trekking in Ladakh becomes all the more exciting when it allows one to cross through waist-deep water and navigating through the enchanting places including the Spituk, Zingchen, Skiu via high pass Gandala (4,800 m). Markha Valley is a demanding trek that requires skill and stamina to accomplish it. The scenic views on this trek are very rewarding.

  • Sham Valley Trek: Sham valley trek is one of the simplest treks on your holiday tour to Ladakh. The trek takes you through some of the enchanting villages of Ladakh to the popular monasteries including Lamayuru, Siptuk, Alchi. This valley is known as the Apricot valley because of the beautiful orchards dotting this region. The trekking route of this trek stretches about 30kms from Likir to Temisgam. This trek starts from Likir and passes through Yangthang via Chagatse La (3630m), Phobe La (3580m), Hemis Shukpachan via Tsermangchan La (3750m), Ang village via Mebtak La and Nurla before ending at Leh.
  • Nimaling Plateau: The Nimaling trek begins from the sacred Hemis monastery and it is considered as one of the best trekking routes in Ladakh. Crossing through Shang and passing through Kongmaru La and many beautiful villages of Ladakh, one finally reaches Nimaling Plateau. This plateau is famous as a shelter for the nomadic tribes of Ladakh, who often graze their cattle’s in this area. A flower-strewn trail in the month of August and September ornamenting the beauty of the place is what you can expect here. Nimaling is also the perfect sight for camping and learning about the culture and traditions of Ladakh. Trekking in Ladakh is a bit exhausting but offers massive excitement and stunning landscape views.
  • Nubra Valley Trek: Nubra Valley Trek is one of the most exhilarating treks on your tour to Ladakh. It draws trekkers from all around the world to discover something unusual. The trekking trail follows the Indus Valley and then moves towards Zanskar Valley.

In Nubra Valley Trek one has to face challenging climate, dramatically changing layout that on one side it has narrow peeved roads and on the other side is blessed with wide open grounds and high altitude mountain passes.  The cold desert and the fabulously striking Diskit village and monastery are some of the major attractions of this trek. The trek begins from Sabu Village and then covers the high altitude Digar La pass (6000m) to reach Digar Village. Further moving along the river Shyok, the trekking trail continues towards Agyam Village and Khalsar Village. Descending to Diskit village via Sumur, the trek concludes.

  • Tsomoriri Lake Trek: This picturesque trek trail begins from Rumptse and heads towards the green Kyamar Valley, crisscrossing through the striking Rupshu Valley. From here the trail rises to Kumur La (4770m), from where one can witness the magnificent view of Kang Yatse and Indus Valley. The steep rise to Shibuk La (4875m), from where a great view of Tso Kar can be seen, the trail continues further to Pangunagu, Nuruchan and passes through Horlam Kongka La (4900 m) and Kyamayuri La that leads to Korzok, which is the Northwestern shore of Tso Moriri. Continuing to Parang valley, the trail leads to Parang La and then descends to Jugstok and further to Kibber, which is one of the highest villages in the world. This can be one of those amazing experiences of trekking in Ladakh that by no means can be forgotten!
  • Snow Leopard Trek: Snow Leopard Trek is one of the popular winter treks in Ladakh that is done in Hemis National Park. Ideal period for spotting Snow Leopard during your tour to Ladakh is from October to March. This trek offers an insight into Rumbak Valley, where many picturesque villages can also be seen. Hemis National Park is the home of snow leopards, Eurasian brown bear, golden eagle and other kind of birds. Snow Leopard Trek charms many trekkers globally. Starting from Zingchen, the trekking trail descends along with the stream to the resplendent Rumbak gorge, where it finally meets Indus. The first sign of snow leopards can be sensed here and then the trek further moves up to Husing nallah that takes you to the stop where blue sheep can be spotted. A slight ascend brings one to Tarbung, which is yet another great place to spot these elusive cats.
  • Remote Zanskar Valley Trek: Trekking in Ladakh gives you the option of visiting the most remote region, Zanskar and is also famous for the same. The pristine natural beauty, unique landscape and the challenging climate makes it one of the most striking places in Ladakh for trekking. The remote Zanskar offers exciting opportunities to view something extraordinary at every turn. The view of the remarkably beautiful valleys that are formed by the cascading River Zanskar, the picturesque settlements at Zangla, Sumdo, Tilat Sumdo, Nimaling and the view of the famous twin peaks Nun and Kun are the major attractions of this trek. The trekking route of this trek begins from Mulbek and takes you through Rangdum, Padum, Zangla, Sumdo Village, Tilat Sumdo, Base of Rubang La, Markha Valley, Thochuntse, Nimaling and Sumdo and finally ends at Leh.
  • Hemis to Padum Trek: An adventurous trek that begins from the famous Hemis monastery, it crosses the beautiful Markha Valley and Junglam before reaching Zanskar. Trekking in Ladakh offers a slice of thrill in your life. The Hemis to Padum trek trail very popular in the midst of the adventure seekers. A strenuous trek on a secluded route, it demands lots of grit and skill to finish it. The attractions of this trek includes the high mountain passes of Kongmaru La, twisting rivers of Lanthang Chu and the enchanting villages like Dhungri, Phay and Hamuling. Hemis Padum trek remains open for only one month in a year and its trekking route begins from Shang Sumdo. The trail then passes through Lartsa, Langthang River via Kongmaru La, Nimaling pastures, Zalung Karpo La, Tilat Sumdo via Rabrang La, North camp of Chhar Chhar La, Zangla Sumdo and then finally ends at Padum.
  • Darcha – Padum Trek: Darcha – Padum trek is very popular among the European adventure buffs and cover three different areas of Ladakh. This trek gives the idea of ecstatic thrill and adventure. A rigorous trek that mostly consists of ascends; Darcha Padum trek is perfect for the seasoned trekkers. In this trek expect to cross many streams and rivers, several high mountain passes, beautiful remote villages and pass through many lofty glaciers. Flagged off from Darcha, the trekking route cuts and runs through Palamo, Zanskar Sumdo, Chuminakpo, Lakong, Purne and Ichar and concludes at Padum. The trail also passes through Shingo La, the sacred Phutkal Gompa and the meandering Zanskar River making the trek all the more exhilarating.
  • Lamayuru – Padum Trek: Lamayuru – Padum trek provides the opportunity to trek through the core of Zanskar along with covering seven high mountain passes and a number of river crossings. While trekking in ladakh you will be able to witness varieties of natural spectacles that certainly add to the trekking adventure. Stunning high pasture, scenic camp sites and serene dry desert land, lofty mountain passes and snow-clad mountains, Buddhist monasteries and remote villages with irrigated fields of barley and potatoes, makes this trek more fascinating and all together an unforgettable experience. The trekking trail covers Prinkiti La, Sengge La, Lingshed, Perfila, Pishu, Karsha before it reaches Padum. allstate customer service

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