60th Birthday Cake Ideas That You Will Love

So someone’s turning 60! Wouldn’t that be reason enough to celebrate? You think of a theme, plan the menu, and try to find the best birthday cake for him or her. More often than not, the problem lies in finding cake designs, since there are fewer cake ideas as a person gets older. Here are some 60th birthday cake ideas that you can choose from.

Instead of the usual 1 big cake, why not make two or three smaller ones of different sizes, and then stack them up according to size. You can make a two-tiered round cake and decorate it with icing figures of her favorite flowers. Or you can use white fondant icing and place small colored icing fruits around it. You can also use fresh flowers or glazed fruits to decorate the cake. Just be sure to advise guests if the decorations are inedible.

You can also bake two rectangular or square cakes of different sizes. Cover them with fondant icing so they would look like wrapped gifts, complete with ribbons and wrapping paper. With white icing, you can make a small name card at a corner and write “Happy Birthday” on it to make it look like a real present. Place the smaller cake on top of the other, at any angle, for a more interesting effect.

For him, you can create a cake with champagne bottle design. Some white icing can be placed on the bottle opening to simulate foam. You can also find designs from his interests. A golf lover would like a birthday cake with golf clubs as design. If he is fond of collecting vintage cars, a cake in the shape of a vintage car would be interesting.

Remember that the birthday cake design must also depend on the personality of the celebrant. For a person who commands respect and authority, his birthday cake must also reflect the same. Instead of the usual colorful icing, create a simple yet elegant birthday cake by decorating it with gold or silver icing in classic designs.

There are many 60th birthday cake ideas that you can think of. All you need is a little patience, and lots of imagination. What matters is that you are able to make someone’s birthday really special and memorable. As he approaches the golden years of his life, be thankful of every year that he gets to spend with you. So by the time that someone in your family turns 60, finding the design and throwing in a party would be a piece of cake. desserts sydney

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