Affordable Home Improvements for Safety

These shutters when properly installed have minimum impact on the architectural integrity of your property. They can be stored in an enclosed box above your window when not in use, but at the first warning of a storm you can manually lower them with crank handles from inside or outside the building – or automatically lower them with a motor, in which case manual overrides are included. In addition to storm protection, rolling shutters function for security, light and sound control and installation. In a nutshell, features include automatic deployment, easy operation by a single person, it aligns with the architecture of your home, no storage is necessary, and it makes for an excellent theft deterrent.
You may also be interested in hurricane storm panels, which are secured to the outside of the house using bolts or tracks. These storm panels provide excellent protection for doors and windows without changing the look of your house. These storm panels are made of aluminum and provide an economical, yet highly effective alternative to conventional steel hurricane panels, which can be heavy and more likely to corrode. Clear storm panels are also available and provide effective protection, as well as allowing light inside your home. In addition, these storm panels are inexpensive, removable, simple to store, easy to install and easy to clean. Most of all, you are feeling safe. Shutters gateshead

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