Biosak Eases Burden Of Plastic Garbage Bags On Landfills

The City of Calgary, along with many Canadian cities is committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. Today 80 per cent of the city’s waste goes into the landfills and 20 per cent is recycled, but through an innovative recycling program they call 80/20 by 2020, they plan to reach a goal of turning that number around and recycling or recovering 80 per cent of waste materials by the year 2020.

Part of the program includes the Leaf and Pumpkin Composting program that sees the city’s 32 participating depot locations and three city landfills collect more than 2,000 tonnes of compost from leaves and pumpkins during its 6 week run each fall.

This nutrient-rich soil booster will be used in various green spaces around the city. The compost material will also helps reduce greenhouse gases by keeping millions of kilograms of organic material out of our landfills. This information was found on the City of Calgary Website and specifically on their Leaf and Pumpkin Composting Program page. There is a link to this information at the end of this article.

Viable storage solution will support the Environment

A visit to one of the city’s collection sites will demonstrate the commitment Calgarians have to recycling and composting but begs the question of whether there is a more viable means of storing and transporting the leaves and pumpkins. And the answer is a resounding YES!

One product in particular that stood out in a search of alternatives to plastic is the Biosak, biodegradable and compostable bag for kitchen and yard waste.

Biosak compostable bags come in several shapes and sizes

There are several compostable plastic bags available and Biosak Compostable Bags are one of the best. Created by W. Ralston (Canada) Inc., is completely extruded, formed and packaged in Canada. The bags come in several shapes and sizes and include kitchen container bags, curbside container liners, composting bags and mulch liners, liner bags for cat litter boxes and small scooper bags for picking up after you dog on walks. You can buy Biosak kitchen bags at most retailers including, Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, Home Hardware, IGA, Superstore, Sobeys and Zellers. Get more details about this environmental option from the Biosak website.

Bio-plastic material derived from corn, a renewable resource

Biosak bags are made with a new generation of bio-plastic derived from corn, a renewable resource. The bag is a breathable material that allows airborne moisture to pass through the bag and at the same time is watertight and waterproof.

When properly managed, compost sites will break down most organics within 120 days. The Biosak bags will also be completely gone within 120 days, with no plastic residue whatsoever, and in many cases the bags have actually disappeared in as few as five days.

The kitchen container bags will remain intact for at least one week but it is recommended that they be changed every three or four days to reduce the odor and insects in the kitchen.

Using Biosak bags

To remove and replace bags in kitchen containers:

1. With the bag still in the container, tie the top of the bag securely to trap odors and insects inside the bag and keep other insects from getting into the bag.

2. Do not carry the bag by the knot. Instead, carry the container with the bag and contents to your curbside bin.

3. Gently remove the tied bag with contents from the kitchen container and place it into the curbside bin.

4. Rinse the inside walls and lid of the kitchen container.

5. Put a fresh bag into the kitchen container.

When using Biosak bags in curbside containers, simply insert the bag that is specially designed to fit the specific container and place loose or bagged kitchen waste into it. On collection day, securely tie the top of the bag to ensure that when it is tipped into the garbage truck the contents are held inside the bag, the odor and insects are reduced and the container will be free of food residue.

It is important to recognize that these bags are not intended to duplicate the performance of a regular plastic bag. They are certified compostable plastic products designed to line garbage containers and help keep those containers clean. The final goal is for the bags to become compost. Michael Kors tote handbags

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