Button Head Cap Screw

Button Head Cap Screw
Button socket caps have a low profile and a rounded, domed head that is shaped like a button. They are a good choice for applications where there is not enough room to countersink a standard socket head cap screw or where a smooth appearance is important, such as end panels, carts, or display shelving. They also provide a larger load-bearing surface than other types of screw heads and can withstand more torque than flat head socket screws.

The head of a socket cap screw is recessed into the body of the screw and the surrounding material, which makes it easy to drive with a wrench. Most of the time, a socket cap screw will require an Allen key (socket wrench) to be tightened and removed. They are a great option for high strength fastening applications because they have the advantage of an internal hex drive, which allows them to hold more torque than other screw types.

Socket caps screws are also referred to as Hex Socket Cap Screws, Hex Socket Driver Screws, and Socket Set Screws. They have a hex-shaped socket head that enables them to be driven with a wrench, which allows for greater torque and helps distribute it evenly. These screws are commonly used in tool and die casting, machine assemblies, and other industrial applications. In addition, they can also be utilized to generate a compression load, which is the opposite of the tensile load created by bolts and other fasteners. Button Head Cap Screw

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