Choosing a Cavity Wall Installer

Cavity wall insulation is a key building block in creating a energy efficient home. Installed correctly by a professional, it can reduce your heating bills significantly while helping to create an eco-friendly building envelope and lowering carbon emissions. However, it’s important to choose the right installer and the right product. The wrong material or incorrect installation can cause many problems, some of which are not immediately obvious and others that will cost more in the long run.

What is a cavity wall installer?

A cavity wall installer (CWI) is a building tradesman who can be contracted to fit insulation into your home’s walls. Before the work starts, he or she will carry out a thorough boroscopic inspection of your home’s external brickwork to check that it’s suitable for insulation and that there are no signs of dampness in the wall cavities. Once the inspection has been completed, a series of holes will be drilled and the insulation blown into the cavity with specialist equipment, taking care to fill all the gaps in the brickwork. Any holes left will then be made good with mortar created to match the colour of your bricks.

When choosing a CWI, look for one who is a member of a recognised industry body such as the CIGA or the National Insulation Association. This will help ensure the company meets strict membership standards and can offer you a 25 year guarantee on their work. They will also provide a green voucher that can be put towards the cost of your installation, giving you a significant saving on your energy costs.

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