Cloud Gavel and the eWarrant Solution

Cloud Gavel is located in Baton Rouge, LA and operates in the Application Computer Software business / industry within the Business Services sector. The company has been operating for approximately 7 years.

XIRA continues to evolve GAVEL with innovative functionality (including electronic payment acceptance and coming soon – an electronic signature capability) to help solo practitioners and small law firms spend more time doing billable work for clients. It is our mission to expand the addressable legal marketplace for attorneys and make the practice of law easier, more accessible, and affordable for a wide range of clients.

The eWarrant Solution is a seamless workflow system that streamlines the entire warrant application and issuance process. This allows officers to stay in the field and not behind a desk processing paperwork, thus saving officer work hours and allowing police agencies to better deploy resources to prevent crime in their communities. It also reduces unplanned overtime costs that result from the current manual processing of warrant applications and filings.

A unique feature of the eWarrant solution is the ability for a judge to log in from anywhere on any internet connected device and review and approve a variety of warrants. This helps eliminate paper copies and waste and can improve judicial efficiency by reducing travel and wait times for the judges. It also provides complete audit trails that allow the judges to track all activities.

Additionally, the eWarrant solution enables public safety officers to generate an eWarrant while in the field from their squad car, and then have it sent electronically to a judge for approval. This helps increase the speed of response to crime and also decreases the chances that a suspect will be tipped off or flee before officers have a chance to pursue him or her. cloud gavel

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