Commercial Fire Water Tanks

The use of fire water tanks is a common solution in commercial buildings and complexes to ensure adequate fire protection and comply with fire safety regulations. Providing a backup water supply for automatic sprinkler systems, they help minimize the damage caused by fires by ensuring that firefighters have the necessary water to quickly extinguish them.

Typically made of polyethylene, a ductile thermoplastic that can be melted and reformed, these tanks are designed to withstand radiant heat exposure and stress. The transition temperature is just above boiling point, which means that they can withstand exposure to ambers and other flammable liquids. Poly tanks are available in rolled galvanized and bolted liner options and can hold up to 5,000 gallons of water or more. They are also able to meet NFPA 22 construction standards, which specifically set guidelines for tanks used in fire protection applications.

These tanks are also available in a variety of sizes and can be installed above ground or underground. They are often used in industrial areas and manufacturing plants, where a large amount of flammable materials and production equipment may be present. They can be supplied with water from a nearby hydrant or can be connected to a deluge system for additional fire suppression power.

Residential homeowners can also benefit from having fire water tanks installed on their property by avoiding the inconvenience of waiting for fire department trucks to arrive during an emergency. Installing a fire tank for home fire protection can also be an excellent selling point, as prospective buyers will be assured that the home has added security measures already in place. commercial fire water tanks

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