Dental Surgery Equipment

Oral surgery is a part of many dental practices, whether it’s in a general practice that does some surgical procedures or in a dedicated oral surgery practice. Specialized clinical training and specialized surgical equipment are essential to making these procedures safer, more efficient, and ultimately more successful for patients.

dental surgery equipment includes a range of instruments and tools that are used to prepare, reposition and manipulate oral structures and tissue during surgical treatments or dental examinations. These tools can include dental mirrors that reflect light to access hard-to-reach areas or retraction forceps to hold soft tissues back. Other surgical dental instruments include a dental scalpel for cutting, scraping and trimming, dental drills for smoothing teeth surfaces and shaping restorations, dental scalers for removing plaque and calculus from the teeth, and dental x-ray imaging equipment to detect abnormalities in teeth, jaws, and surrounding tissues.

Ensure your dental surgeons have the right surgical equipment by purchasing high-quality dental instruments. These devices are precision-engineered to improve clinical performance, reduce procedure time, and ensure infection control standards are maintained throughout the process. Manufacturers such as Hu-Friedy, A-dec and Dentsply Sirona are trusted manufacturers of dental surgical tools that deliver on their promise of durability, accuracy and sterility.

Make sure your large surgical equipment is well-maintained and in good condition with a dental sterilizer, such as an autoclave or dry heat unit. This ensures that all dental instruments are clean, sterile and ready for use. Staff must also be trained to properly decontaminate oral surgical instruments, as this is a critical step in preventing cross-infection.

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