Divorce Lawyer in Haifa

A Divorce lawyer in Haifa handles many aspects of a marriage’s disentanglement, including property settlements, alimony, and custody arrangements. These tasks require a high level of legal acumen as well as cultural sensitivity. It is important for a divorce lawyer to help their clients navigate the complex and often emotional process of ending their marriages.

During their marriages, couples accumulate assets from various sources, such as joint property and private property acquired by the spouses individually. When a couple separates in Israel, the assets are divided according to the Property Relations Law. These criteria can seem obscure, and the legal proceedings may be costly.

The legal landscape in Israel is also complicated by the existence of two parallel court systems. Civil courts rule based on secular laws, while religious courts govern family matters for all of the major faiths recognized by the state. For example, Jewish couples are required to receive their official divorce document (known as a GET) through a Rabbinic Court.

Hait Family Law specializes in helping families who are dealing with these issues. With offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa as well as meeting spaces in most Anglo communities in Israel, our team of experienced lawyers can help you navigate the complex legal system. Whether you are attempting to file an official court document or need assistance with the division of marital assets, we can provide you with compassionate and patient guidance through this unfamiliar process. עורך דין גירושין בחיפה

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