Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel Upgrade
When homeowners upgrade their homes with high-tech gadgets, video technologies, appliances and more, they often find that the old fuse boxes simply can’t keep up. An upgrade, known as a “heavy up,” can equip your home for today’s electric demand and prevent fuses from blowing or circuit breakers from tripping.

A panel upgrade can eliminate a wide variety of problems, including flickering lights, burnt out appliances, power surges and more. A newer panel will also give you the ability to add more equipment without worrying about tripping your breaker or blowing fuses, and will also reduce the risk of fires and other disasters.

If your home has a breaker box with separate breakers and is not on a 200A line, an upgrade to the breaker and a rewiring of the line from the utility company is needed for most new equipment to work. An electrician can verify this and get the job done right away.

An older panel might still be able to handle the power needs of your home, but you should have an electrician check it out just to be sure. Also, be aware that there are panels on the market that have been recalled due to their tendency to overheat and cause fires. If you have a panel manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco or Pushmatic, it may be time to replace it. Be sure to do a Google search to see if your model is on the list and consult with an electrician immediately. Electrical Panel Upgrade

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