Ella Fitzgerald – Dream a Little Dream of Me

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” is an old-time jazz standard written by Gus Kahn and composed by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt. The song is a gentle, nostalgic lullaby that is often played at bedtime and is one of Fitzgerald’s best-known songs. It has been covered by many other artists.The song was first recorded by Mama Cass Elliot with the Mamas and the Papas in 1968 and followed by a recording by Anita Harris. Harris’ version was more successful, topping the UK chart dated 10 August 1968 at #46 ahead of Cass’ version at #11.During this time period, jazz and popular music were changing rapidly. The Beatles were starting to dominate the charts with “Love Me Do” and “She Loves You”. Jazz musicians were also trying new approaches to their art. Arrangements were becoming more sophisticated and jazz soloists were developing their own unique style of improvisation.It was a combination of these factors that allowed a jazz artist like Ella Fitzgerald to continue being successful in the music business. She was known as the “First Lady of Jazz”. Her ability to interpret lyrics in a very different genre and deliver them with such grace made her a great success.

 ella fitzgerald dream a little dream of me

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