Tactics and Procedures for Negotiating the Best Car Deal

For most people and automobile purchasers in 2011 a vehicle – be it car, truck, SUV or van represents the second largest consumer purchaser that they will make in their lifetimes. An automobile is such a large and substantial investment due to the facts that you will be paying a good chunk of cash or total outlay in terms of monthly car credit payments on your purchase overall. True you get use and value for your money but it’s a sunk cost. Your investment in your vehicle never goes up like gold or money in the bank earning interest. It only can depreciate over time Regardless if you’re an expert who purchases several cars a year to “keep sharp” in research or negotiating skills and tactics or a rank novice out on the prowl for their first or second vehicle purchase there are tips, procedures and tactics you should be aware of and familiar with regarding the purchase of, and negotiations for your vehicle.

Firstly know your automobile well. Don’t go into the dealership or private sale “blind”. You should already have a fair range of suggestions regarding the type of automobile you need ownership of and will drive. Dozens of new automobile models are introduced and promoted each year onto the automotive marketplace. With a little bit of work and effort you should be able to narrow your choice and choices down to three or four basic brands and specific models based by yourself preferences, budget and needs. Consider the features which are of importance to your driving and transportation needs and personal preferences such as, brand, color ranges, passengers and carrying capacities, fuel rankings and efficiency, mileage ratings, trim levels and options, among others. If you know more about the specifics you want you will be able to drill down your options more rapidly. Get to the vehicle you want to negotiate for the better deal. Salespeople are like everyone else. They don’t like their time wasted. If you can get to the purchase vehicle promptly it makes it easier and less costly for all involved in the transaction. The salesperson may well be able to justify to both his manager and himself that since you were a quick deal that deal did not require a ton of time of their part, that you were a reasonable buyer to deal with – that a better deal to get you “in and out” in a flash may be the option for all.

It would help to do good research and compare models before you arrive on the auto dealer’s lot or at the private seller’s house. Don’t waste their time. Come prepared. Among the sources of information available in 2011 are browsing automobile magazines, web sites or consumer reports

When you go out to buy a new automobile it is a fact of life that you had better be prepared to negotiate. It’s a fact of life that those who negotiate get the best deals. Those who aren’t willing to enter the bartering and haggling game pay full bore retail or sometimes even more. Isn’t it better to have the cash in your pocket, wallet or bank account than theirs? In Canada and the US many people just like to go in to the store, buy the product and not haggle. Car buying many say and would like should be like going into your corner store and buying a quart of milk. Give me value and I will pay the price the price they say. Other people and car buyers it seems just love the haggling and the haggle. Yet it’s a fact of life with large purchases and capital outlays in America and Canada. Those who haggle and bargain get the best deals. Its not that you have to be offensive and overly demanding in your bargaining. Many of the who get the best deals – who pay less for premium products than most pay for entry level products simply do a good job of research. It is almost as if they keep going back asking questions. Many of these people in the end know more about the product and products than the car salespeople. In essence they would be the ones on the lot you would like to deal with and buy a vehicle from. They know their products and prices well

Know how much you can afford. Stamp your budget figure indelibly in your mind’s eye. It makes take you some time and internal or family negotiation to reach the figure. You cannot afford to get emotional with the number of vehicle. It’s like attending an auction or bidding online on eBay. Set your figure. If the potential purchase is too high and above the figure walk away. Your attitude should be that there are “plenty of other fish in the sea”. What this means is that you if you don’t get this one there will be plenty more. Again you cannot afford your ego to be involved that “you just have to have that car or truck.” Some people start with a lower stated figure then have another 10 % of say “wiggle room” to work with. It’s your choice of how you want to handle it. Regardless you have to stay within your budget grounds. That is rule number one of smart car buyers who get the best deals overall.

Before you buy a new automobile, it is a good suggestion to compare quotes from different dealers. It’s like those who seek quotes for renovations to their homes. The general rule of thumb for contractors when dealing with the trades is to seek 3 different quotes. That way you can get an estimate of the total cost and choose which one offers the best deal. Keep in mind that there is more to purchasing an automobile than the cost of the car; there’s also various fees and taxes you’ll must deal with. Some fees may be negotiable. Others are not. Some may be apparent. Others emerge only on completing the deal and paperwork. Some fees are even placed their even as negotiating ploys to give the dealer something to work down on and let the customer feel almost that they have “beat them” and little else.

Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate even more. Don’t stop.

Take the time and effort to “comparison shop”. For this reason many car dealers are now placed in “auto malls”. Auto malls make it easier to compare vehicles almost side by side… Through research, you could also save a good amount of currency in the event you know beforehand about incentives and rebates that will further slash down the cost you’ll finish up paying. For dealers it’s a better situation to have you somewhat closer on site. In days gone by once the potential buyer walked out of the door to drive across town they were gone forever. Now at least buyers who walk out of the door have a higher chance of coming back for “one more kick at the cat” so to speak. ferrari for sale

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