How Does an RV Fridge Work?

The rv fridge is one of the most important appliances in any RV and for those who travel long distances, it is essential to have a well-functioning refrigerator to store your food, drinks and other perishables. A good quality refrigerator is a major investment and will provide years of trouble free use, but it is not without its upkeep and maintenance requirements.

New RV fridges are generally compressor-based and come in a wide range of sizes to fit different budgets. The two main brands are Dometic and Norcold, and both have excellent RV fridges for sale.

Some people prefer an absorption RV fridge and these use propane as fuel for a complex chemical reaction that keeps the food cold. They have a lower and upper vent for exhaust as well as a fan that helps with cooling. They can be used plugged into shore power or 12v. They are the best choice for those who plan on dry camping or boondocking as they use power very sparingly.

Propane is used as fuel for the refrigerator because it is easily obtainable, inexpensive and burns cleanly and quickly. The heat to boil the refrigerant mixture can be produced by any source, but propane is the best because it has a high BTU rating and is relatively easy to get. The ammonia in the refrigerant solution is separated from the water and cooled by the boiling propane. The ammonia gas is then absorbed by the water and the refrigeration cycle repeats itself. rv fridge

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