How to Build a Custom Wardrobe Closet

When you live in a tight urban space or an older home with character and small rooms, it can be challenging to gain closet space. The tiny walk-in master closet just can’t hold your wardrobe or shoe collection and the miniscule reach in closets in other rooms will not suffice. Adding a custom wardrobe closet is one way to add a lot of extra storage without messy remodeling and can fit in almost any room of the house.

Custom wardrobe closets can be made in a variety of styles, materials and finishes and can compliment the existing room design. They can be freestanding or built into the wall and come in a wide range of sizes from 12” deep to over 8’ tall.

It’s important to work with a professional to plan your closet layout to ensure it will meet your storage needs and budget. A good designer will assess your clothing, shoes and accessories and take into account the available height and width of the space and any architectural features that could impact your layout. They will then draw up a few possible designs to compare cost, functionality and aesthetics and choose the best solution.

Having the right closet organizers is also critical. The most common closet organization is hanging racks and shelving. It’s important to consider how much you want to hang, the size of your shirts and blouses and whether or not you have a large number of dresses and coats. The depth of your closet system will also affect your capacity, ideally you’ll need to have at least a 24” depth to fit your clothes and ensure they will hang securely. custom wardrobe closet

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