How to Choose an Employee Communication App

Whether it’s announcing the latest company news, encouraging collaboration or creating a community, an employee communication app can help businesses deliver critical information to employees. But choosing the best one for your business depends on your objectives. Some apps are better suited to delivering company news, others are designed to promote collaboration, and some even provide workflow management. Ensure that you select the right tool to meet your goals by understanding how each employee communications app works and checking out its features before selecting one.

Having a single portal to access work rotas, updates and forms is a big benefit for remote workers. It cuts down on confusion and allows teams to access information from anywhere in the world — all with a simple click of a button. Some employee communications apps even allow mobile access so that employees can keep up with the latest company news on the go.

While email remains a popular workplace communication tool, it’s not enough on its own. Internal emails can get lost in a flood of other messages and are often ignored. Employee communication apps offer a much more efficient solution, connecting frontline workers to the rest of the business with a range of tools including instant messaging and video conferencing.

The top employee communication apps are easy to use and feature a range of functionality. A good example is Lattice, a real-time feedback platform that lets employees give praise and recognition to colleagues no matter where they are. It also has a range of other employee engagement features such as document and polling capabilities, milestones and rewards tools, and reader tracking to gauge how many employees have read key content. Other employee communications apps include Yammer, which offers a social network and community-building tool, and Haiilo, an IC tool with workflow management and one-to-one chats.

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