How To Customize The 300 Workout To Be The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout!

The 300 workout became popular because of the incredible physiques that the actors of the movie “300” were able to obtain in just a few short months.

Since then, there have been countless variations of it and many people are STILL doing it wrong!

One thing that is horribly wrong with the way most people design a workout is that they simply make a template – i.e. something that everyone should follow. But obviously that’s not a good strategy because guess what? EVERYONE is different!

How I Would Design A 300 Workout

If you want a great workout, consider making yourself a 300 workout. It can be easy enough for a beginner to complete or hard enough for a professional athlete to complete – that’s the beauty of it.

Just as an example we’ll 2 do of them – 1 for a beginner and 1 for an expert, just so you can get the idea.

As a beforehand note – write down all these exercises before you make up your own schedule and see how many you can perform before failing. That way you can get an idea of what you can do and what you can’t.

For a beginner, you might want to stay strictly to bodyweight exercises. So it could look something like this:

25 bodyweight squats

15 pushups

60 jumps on a jump rope

10 tricep dips on a chair (with feet on the floor)

10 reverse pullups (you can buy a pull up bar for about $10)

20 Bicycle Kicks

10 Hip extensions

Do that twice in a row which should take less than 20 minutes, and you’re golden!

Here’s a more advanced 300 workout that will knock the socks off pretty much anyone:

25 Overhead Shoulder Presses

25 Squats

15 Pullups

15 Dumbbell Bench Press

10 Deadlift

25 V-Ups

10 Single Legged Goodmornings

Again, everything would be done twice. For these 300 workouts you would simply go through the entire lift twice. Don’t do 25 shoulder presses, then 25 again. You would do 25 shoulder presses, then 25 squats, etc.

For the advanced workout you would be using weights obviously and using weights that you would be able to complete for the recommended amounts just before hitting failure.

The goal would be to go through the entire workout without stopping – which would show that you have a tremendous amount of lung capacity and are in great shape. However, like I mentioned earlier I don’t like templates, so feel free to go ahead and re-arrange that to suits your goals, how much equipment you have, etc.

I wouldn’t recommend doing these 300 workouts too often because they’re extremely taxing on your body. But feel free to do the same workout once a month to track your progress. Once you can do it without stopping, either increase the reps or increase the weight!

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