How to Experience the Integra Dental Difference

Experience The Integra Dental Difference

At INTEGRA we pride ourselves on our high standard of clinical care and the long-term success rate of the implants we use. These are primarily ceramic, biocompatible, Robina Dental well tolerated and durable. They also feel, look and function just like natural teeth – and come with a life-long material guarantee!

The Surgical Process

In order to achieve optimal take of Integra it is vital that the wound bed be carefully prepared. It should be free of infection and contamination, have adequate vascular supply and pristine hemostasis, and be a uniform bed to facilitate complete contact between the matrix and the wound bed.


The most important step in the placement of Integra is to ensure that all nonviable tissue has been debrided and the wound bed is clear of necrotic or infectious material prior to application of the matrix. This is a very delicate process that should be performed by an experienced professional.

Achieving Best Take of the Matrix

Once the wound bed is prepared and the Integra sheet placed on the surface, fixate it perpendicular to the wound edge with staples or sutures. If more than one sheet is used, fix them independently and overlap by 2 to 3 mm.

Early Complications

A common early complication is the formation of seroma or hematoma under the matrix. This should be evacuated with a 20-gauge needle to avoid infection and the formation of granulation tissue.

Poor Take of the Matrix

If an area fails to take after 5 days, remove it and replace it with a fresh sheet. If the area is under 2 cm in diameter, it is unlikely to be infected and can be kept as an example of how to take the matrix in the future.

If a small hematoma persists, treat the area with a local antibiotic and irrigate five times daily for five days. Cultures should guide the choice of antibiotic therapy.

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