How to Find a Toilet Repair Near Me

Unlike high-tech home appliances, toilets have relatively few parts and can be fixed with simple hand tools. Even so, many people are reluctant to tackle a toilet repair. If your commode is acting up, the right information can help you decide whether to attempt DIY repairs or hire a professional.

Most homeowners use wall-hung toilets that have a separate tank and bowl. The average toilet works via gravity and a siphoning effect; water fills the bowl, while additional water is stored in the tank. When someone depresses the handle, a chain connected to the flapper lifts and allows the tank water to flow into the bowl. If this mechanism malfunctions, the toilet may not flush properly.

There are several signs that a toilet needs repair, including constant running or overflowing, leaking water from the base or around the floor, and cracks on the tank or bowl. A whistling or humming sound from the tank, a hissing noise, or water that stays in the bowl after flushing can also indicate a problem.

If your commode is constantly leaking, your best option is to call in a plumber to replace the wax seal. The cost of this job is typically between $60 and $200.

Other common toilet repairs include repairing or replacing the chain and adjusting the float and fill valve. Depending on the severity of the issue, the cost can be $50 to $100. If your handle is loose, the nut on the back of the handle can usually be tightened with a wrench. toilet repair near me

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