How to Find Real Estate Photography Near Me

If you want to hire a real estate photographer, look for one with a strong portfolio. This will give you confidence that they can do a great job.

A good real estate photographer will create high-quality images of your listing. This can make your property stand out from the competition and attract more buyers.


When hiring a real estate photographer, it is important to find out if they have a portfolio. This will show you their editing style and the quality of their work. It’s also a good idea to see if they have any specialties in the real estate industry. These may include virtual staging and 3-D tours.

You should also look for a company that has a solid reputation and follows PPA’s code of ethics. This will ensure that you are working with a professional who is committed to their craft and will provide the best possible results for your listing.

Hudson Heights RES is a New York business that provides visual media solutions for real estate agents and brokers. The firm offers photos, marketing packages, cinematic walkthrough videos, and Matterport 3D tours of properties. It also creates floor plans and offers virtual staging and aerial photography and videography services. Its marketing kits also include property websites and social media content. The firm works with a variety of clients, including Coldwell Banker and Choice Hotels. Its professionals also collaborate with realtors to produce high-quality marketing materials.


When looking for a real estate photographer, it is important to find someone with a solid reputation. A good reputation can help you get more business and increase your profits. A great way to check a photographer’s reputation is to look at their portfolio. This will give you a good idea of the quality of their work and whether or not it matches your expectations.

Another way to assess a real estate photographer’s reputation is to reverse engineer their process. This involves calculating how much time they spend on each shoot, from client communications to editing. This will allow you to come up with an hourly rate that can cover all of your costs and leave room for profit.

Another way to find a good real estate photography near me is by checking their Google reviews. A high number of Google reviews shows that the company is trustworthy and professional. Moreover, it will also boost their local search rankings. Google’s algorithm takes into account the amount of positive reviews that a company has, so it is important to have plenty of them.

Google reviews

Real estate photography is an important aspect of a real estate agent’s business. It can help them sell homes faster and for more money, and attract more potential clients. However, not all photographers are created equal. To find the best one for your needs, check out their portfolios and Google reviews.

If a photographer’s editing style looks natural and clean, it is likely that they have the skills to produce high-quality listing images. You can also check whether they have the necessary equipment to take specific types of shots, such as aerial drone footage and twilight photos.

Some photographers offer additional services, such as virtual staging and 3-D floor plans. It’s also a good idea to look at their portfolio to ensure that they have the equipment to provide these services. In addition, you can also search for professional photographers on Facebook groups. These groups are free, fully moderated spaces for creative professionals to connect and network with each other. They also feature a variety of helpful resources, including tutorial videos. You can even join a group specifically for real estate photography and ask questions to other members.


Many real estate photographers have their own portfolio websites to showcase their work and make it easy for realtors to find them. These websites should be clean, organized, and industry-specific, as well as feature high-quality photos of a variety of properties. Ideally, these portfolios should also include upper-end homes to indicate that the photographer has experience with these properties.

A good photographer will be able to use lighting and composition to make small rooms look large and spacious. They will also be able to capture the beauty of outdoor spaces, even if the weather is not ideal. For example, a good photographer can turn a foggy day into a beautiful sunset using photo editing software.

Real estate photography is a great way to earn a living or to supplement your income. But be careful to choose a reputable professional who is experienced and uses quality equipment. This will ensure that your listing images are attractive to potential buyers and sell quickly. It is also important to have a business plan and income diversity, which can help you stay afloat if one market is slow or if another type of photography is in decline.


There are a variety of equipment real estate photographers use to get the best results. These include a high-quality camera, a lens with the right focal length, and lighting equipment for interiors. They also need to have a reliable camera bag that will protect their gear while they are on the go.

Depending on the property, a tripod may be useful for real estate photography. This will help to ensure that the images are sharp and in focus. It will also allow the photographer to take multiple exposures and blend them later. It’s important to use a good tripod that can handle the weight of the camera and lens.

Real estate photographers should always take multiple shots from different viewpoints. This will help them make the most informed decision when selecting which angles to show. They should also keep personal items, like pictures and knick-knacks, out of the pictures so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in the home. This will also make the listing more attractive. The photos should be edited to remove any distracting elements, and they should be uploaded on the website quickly.

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