How to Maintain a Camper Refrigerator

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned RVer, a refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your rig. Knowing how refrigerators work and how to maintain your RV fridge will help you keep your food cold on the road.

This Norcold refrigerator is ideal for campers who have a limited amount of space to spare because it’s compact and lightweight. It offers a lot of functionality in a small package, including a freezer section and the ability to power it with propane gas or electricity.

It also features adjustable food fences that keep your food from falling out of the refrigerator while you’re driving. Additionally, it can be powered by either a 12-volt DC battery or a 110-volt AC connection, giving you more flexibility than other refrigerators of its size.

Since this refrigerator uses absorption technology, it’s quieter than compressor-based units and has a longer lifespan than other RV fridges. Plus, it has a flame indicator light that lets you know the propane pilot is still functioning.

If your refrigerator isn’t keeping your food cold, first ensure that the refrigerator’s thermistor is set properly. This is located inside the refrigerator, behind the door. Then, check that the fridge is plugged into the correct power source. If it’s not, the circuit breaker might have tripped or the 120-volt AC heating element might be out of order. If this is the case, call an RV technician for service. Additionally, consider placing a fan in front of the fridge to increase air circulation. camper refrigerator

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