How to Take Care of your Wood Jewelry Box

How to Take Care of your Wood Jewelry Box 

If you have a wood jewelry box and you want it to stand up against the test of time, you need to take care of it by cleaning it as much as you clean your jewelry, if not more. Your jewelry box is exposed to dirt, sunlight, and other elements that can tarnish and erode the quality of your box. By cleaning and polishing it on a regular basis, you’ll be able to maintain the beauty and grace of your wood jewelry box for years to come.

Dust Your Wood Jewelry Box as Much as Possible

Just like with any piece of bric-a-brac, furniture, or household electronic, you need to dust your wood jewelry box on a regular basis. Nothing looks tackier than a nice, ornate wood jewelry box with an inch of dust on it. So, dust your jewelry box every time you clean the house. By dusting your wood jewelry box regularly you will also be protecting the jewelry inside. Dust can get into your jewelry box through seems and other openings. By dusting it on a regular basis, you’ll be keeping dust from collecting on your box and possibly getting inside.

Polish Your Wood Jewelry Box

If you have a wood jewelry box you need to polish it from time to time. Wood can dull and lose its luster. With polish, its patina can last longer. If you neglect your wood jewelry box, it could end up a faded, unattractive, disheveled mess. So in addition to dusting your wood jewelry box, polish it with a simple wood cleaner. Depending on the type of wood jewelry box you have (i.e. teak, mahogany, maple, or other fine woods) you might want to use a specific wood cleaner that will help make the wood shine as best it can.

Keep Your Wood Jewelry Box in a Safe Place

If you want your wood jewelry box to last as long as possible and maintain its beauty and style, keep your box out of the sun and away from water. Of course you’re not about to leave your jewelry box outside, but sunlight shining through a window can still fade your wood jewelry box over time. So, keep your box away from possible sunlight damage. You also want to keep your wood jewelry box away from water. For example, if you keep it close the bathroom sink or tub, splashing water can damage your wood jewelry box and leave unattractive watermarks and stains. So, keep your jewelry box away from water. Sunlight and water are good for trees, but not for your wood jewelry box.

Your jewelry box is much more than a simple box you use to store your jewelry. It’s a work of art that contains its own beauty, grace, and style. If you neglect it, its beauty will fade and you’ll be left with nothing but a simple box you use to store your jewelry. So if you have a wood jewelry box and you want its beauty to last as long as it can, keep it clean, polished, and out of harms way. Onlineshop Schmuck

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