How to Wear Summer Suits in Hot Weather

A suit is a smart choice for any formal occasion. But if you’re wearing one in hot weather, there are several considerations that must be made to avoid sweat and discomfort. This article will show you how to wear Summer suits in style without sacrificing comfort.

When it comes to choosing a suit for the summer, you should opt for breathable fabrics that are lightweight and will keep you cool. Linen is a classic material for summer, as it is naturally light and breathable. It also has a visible weave and a natural texture, although it is susceptible to wrinkling.

Another option is cotton. A cotton suit is the perfect balance between linen and wool, as it has a high enough density to handle rain and humid weather but remains breathable and lightweight. For an extra breathable option, choose a suit with a half-lining. This means that the jacket will be lined only on the shoulders and upper back, leaving the sleeves unlined.

Seersucker is a fun cotton fabric that can add a touch of personality to any suit for the summer. It has a unique striped pattern that makes it stand out from other suits and is usually paired with a seersucker tie or pocket square.

You may want to consider a lighter color for your summer suit as it will reflect less of the sun’s heat. Shades like khaki, baby blue and grey are perfect for keeping you cool during the warmer months. These shades are also versatile and can be worn with many different accessories, from chunky earrings to a tangle of bangles or a statement watch. Summer suits

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