Instant Hot Faucet

We’ve all been there: You turn on your hot water faucet or showerhead, and it takes a minute or two for hot water to reach the point-of-use. That’s frustrating, but more importantly it’s money down the drain – literally – and not only on your electric bill, but also on your water usage.

Unlike traditional faucets, instant hot faucets prepare the water in advance and hold it at just below boiling temperature until you’re ready to use it. This way, you’ll have steaming hot filtered water on tap for cooking, cleaning without harsh chemicals and, of course, brewing coffee or tea.

These systems require a separate water tank and filter kit. To ensure that the tank is placed close enough for the hoses to reach, look for a faucet that has the designation “open vent”. It will have an extra hose that goes directly down to the hot water tank dispenser.

Instant hot faucets are easy to install. They work just like a regular faucet, but you’ll need to allow installation space under the sink for both the water tank and the hoses that connect it.

Once installed, your instant hot water tap will offer a new level of convenience and help you save energy and money. With no kettle to boil or wait for, you’ll likely use less water in the kitchen, which can make a real impact on your utility bills and your environment. Plus, no one’s going to stand with their finger on the button while pouring a mug of tea, so you’ll never waste more than you need. instant hot faucet

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