Is There A Social Media Bigfoot?

Social Media Bigfoot Spotted at a Business Near You.

OK I got your attention with a tail of a Sasquatch, AKA Bigfoot buzzing through your head along with questions like does he exist etc.. Fact is I actually want to talk about social media or more directly your social media footprint.

In my last article I talked about the selfish nature of social media and why people share those funny pictures and what they ate for breakfast etc… Today we will talk about how a little bit of selfish sharing of that nature can build a better brand for you and your business. Fact is we all do social media to get results.

Social Media Littlefoot VS Social Media Bigfoot

Little Foot has spent thousands of dollars in marketing and tools to get 100,000 twitter followed and 20,000 likes to the company fan page on Facebook where they send out product updates and company events, site links etc..

Bigfoot has taken a more natural approach and built relationships with followers through networking and sharing. They sponsor a page of funny fails and hilarious gags, and clips from little league games where they sponsor a team. They have a wide range of interest covered and show their employees working and giving back to the communities. The people and faces of the company are as well known as the brand.

On any given day Little Foot sends a message out that will be paid attention to by a percentage of their readership. If the news media is among them it may intrigue a closer looks and may result in some media attention, or it may not. More often than not their reach will be limited to the 100,000 followers minus the number who simply ignore messages from the people they follow such as those gained in follower trades and paid to follow programs.

At the same time a video of employees holding a car wash for local charity goes viral and reaches 200,000 views on YouTube. A new customer comes in and says I saw your video my friend Becky shared, or my friends are talking about your company. This is Bigfoot scoring a big win with Social Media Engagement.

The difference is social media engagement.

Engagement is the difference between watching a YouTube Video and watching the pre-roll advertisement. Chances are you adjust volume, or grab a drink etc.. during the commercial and then pay full attention to the video. You will have more fun watching the video even if you watch both, and if the video leaves a positive impression you are more apt to take action than you are with the advertising. Some actions are personal like checking out more info about the company that produced the video, some are more social like clicking favorite and share. The best ones are financial when you decide to buy.

Engagement is about getting the attention of your followers and making them take action. Every small action like a share with their friends spreads word of your company or website. The more people who see the softer side of your business, and see the good will and fun loving nature of your company and it’s staff the better the impression will be.

Bigfoot leaves a lasting impression, his actions are amplified by his following while building trust and interest. Only a few companies like Pepsi Cola, and Tide Laundry Detergent are actively using engagement marketing in an effective manner. We can all remember the cute interactive social games and e-card of XYZ-Brand. College students and other spring breakers saw Pepsi everywhere and their social media contest have impacted brand engagement as well. Tide was a huge hit with their mobile laundry centers during such major disasters as Hurricane Katrina. I mean the list goes on and on but is still only a fraction of Brands that get Social with Social Media. buy youtube social shares

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