It Managed Security Services

Managed security services are a support option for smaller organizations. Small and midsized businesses like medical or dental offices, attorney firms, retailers and professional service providers do not have the resources to hire full-time cybersecurity specialists and often cannot afford a complete IT department.

Providing a comprehensive solution for monitoring and detecting cyber threats, it managed security services enable organizations to focus on their core business objectives. An MSSP can be an excellent addition to the organization’s existing cybersecurity tools and strategies, helping them amplify their capabilities without the expense of staff and infrastructure.MSSPs provide monitoring & management of security devices, firewalls, intrusion detection systems & antivirus solutions; log analysis; forensic investigations; phishing testing; e-mail filtering & secure connections; identifying & responding to cyber threats; incident response and more. The cost for these services is typically less than maintaining a fully-staffed in-house IT security team, especially if the company needs a heavier-than-average level of security response.Some vendors charge a flat rate per device or user while others offer tiered pricing. Regardless of the pricing model, it’s important for businesses to consider what they are getting for their investment and to make sure that they are only paying for the services they need. Saving money on an IT budget is not worth the risk of a healthcare data breach or other costly cyber incidents. A good way to determine whether a particular MSSP offers a fair price is by looking at their customer reviews and their certifications & accreditations.

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