Jeeter Review

Jeeter is a brand of cannabis products that has built a reputation as one of the fastest-growing brands in the world in the preroll category. Founded in 2014, this company has made over $19 million in sales last year and is poised to grow even further in 2022.

The Brand

Formed by Sebastian Solano and Lukasz Tracz, Jeeter specializes in high-quality marijuana pre-rolls. Their infused and non-infused prerolls are all handmade with top shelf flower, distillate and kief crystals.

Infused & Non-Infused Prerolls

The Jeeter line of infused and non-infused prerolls offers some of the strongest concentrates on the market. Their Liquid Diamonds are a concentrated THCa diamond melt that’s infused into pure oil, giving these weed prerolls an extra kick of flavor and potency.

They’re a great option for those seeking something more intense, and can easily reach 30% THC on the strength scale. They’re also available in a variety of different strains, with new ones dropping periodically.


With a variety of different sizes and infused and non-infused options, the Jeeter brand has a joint for every smoker. From the Baby Jeeter, which is a little less than a gram, to the 1g and XL, which are both 2g blunts, there’s something for everyone.

Baby Jeeters are the perfect size for pocket consumption, and come in a pack of five small prerolls with a total of 2.5g of weed in each jar. They’re a great choice for those on the go, or those just looking to try something new without spending too much money.

These mini joints are a great way to try out a variety of different flavors and sativas, without breaking the bank or having to break out the pipe. They’re available in a variety of flavors, from Grapefruit Romulan to Blue Zkittlez, and they have the potential for some of the best effects you’ll get from a weed joint.

The XL is a 2g blunt that packs some serious punch. It’s wrapped in a premium hemp blunt wrap with a glass tip.

It’s a powerful, yet relaxing smoked experience that makes you forget about everything else around you. Known for being both couch-lock and euphoric, it’s a good pick to help you get the rest you need after a long day of work or school.

Kief is a special ingredient that Jeeter uses in their pre-rolls and vape cartridges. It’s a crystal-like substance that comes from the head of the trichome in a cannabis flower and comtains significantly higher THC levels than straight bud.

Jeeter’s kief is hand-rolled in a classic style with a premium hemp blunt wrap and a glass tip for a smooth smoking experience. It’s the ideal way to smoke a joint on-the-go, and is a favorite among many marijuana enthusiasts.jeeter

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