Joe Tippens Protocol to Cure Lung Cancer

Joe Tippens was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and given a prognosis of 3 months to live. Instead of accepting that and going home, he decided to take the advice of his veterinarian friend and started taking a dog de-wormer called fenbendazole (FZ). Within four months his next PET scan lit up like Christmas and there was no sign of cancer anywhere. Joe continued to follow his protocol and has since been cancer free for over two years.

He shared his story on social media and has had thousands of people worldwide read his blog, Get Busy Living, and start their own journeys to heal. It is important to note that Joe’s success did not come from taking just fenbendazole alone, but a combination of a number of compounds including CBD oil, berberines, vitamin E and more.

While skeptics continue to be doubtful of his methods, the amount of interest is encouraging. It shows that people are desperate for new treatments and open to unconventional ones.

Although the Korean Medical Association, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and Korean Veterinary Association all warn that no clinical studies have been performed on humans and to be cautious, Joe Tippens’ story has spread widely among online cancer patient communities in South Korea. Many cancer patients began self-administering FZ with regular updates to YouTube videos and reported positive changes in their health. However, the majority of those reported modifying the dosage and frequency of daily drug intake as shown in Table 1. The most common modification was adding other compounds to fenbendazole such as berberines, bioavailable curcumin and vitamin E. joe tippens protocol

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