Kiddush Cup

A kiddush cup, used to hold wine or grape juice for the ritual that sanctifies and marks the beginning of Shabbat or Jewish holidays, is an important component of your home. A beautiful sterling silver or ceramic cup can enhance any table and serve as a lasting family heirloom. A new kiddush cup makes a wonderful gift for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and other events as well.

It is considered yotza (respectable) to use a cup that holds at least a revi’it of wine or grape juice, approximately 3.8 fl. oz. or 112 ml. Traditionally, cups have been made of silver or otherwise ornate, but any type of cup may be used as long as it is not disposable.

Kiddush cups come in a wide array of designs, with many modern kiddush cups combining stunning combinations of materials like glass and metals to create unique styles. Some are even hand painted with stunning colors and patterns that would complement almost any home.

The cup used for kiddush must be mevushal, or kosher for Passover. This means that it must have never been handled by a non-Jew and was sealed within the past three weeks. It should be clean and free of cracks or chips.

During kiddush, the person making the bracha must drink from the cup enough to fill one cheek. Then, he or she must say borei pri hagafen, “Blessed are You LORD our God king of the universe, who creates the fruit of the vine” and any other appropriate blessings before starting the meal. kiddush cup

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