Matter Residences

Located at Matter Road in district 14, this freehold condominium is near Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School. It offers 250 residential units.

At launch, Matter supports only a few device categories: smart lights and bulbs, smart plugs and switches, and connected locks. But the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) says it will expand support for smart sensors, thermostats, and even home security cameras in future updates.

You’ll need a device called a controller to manage your Matter devices and set up automations in the smart home app you choose. The four big platforms — Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings—all have controllers that work with Matter. So will bridges and hubs from companies like GE Lighting, Eve Systems, and Aqara. You can also choose a platform-neutral app like Home Assistant or the SmartThings and Google Home apps.

Matter controllers are always in your home and can talk to your devices over Wi-Fi or ethernet. They onboard new devices to your network, manage communications between them, and control them. They can use either your existing router or the one built into your smart speaker or display.

Matter controllers are built into the flagship smart speakers and displays from the major platforms, as well as some of their compatible hubs. They include the HomePod Mini, HomePod, and the 1st- and 2nd-gen Nest Hub speakers and displays. The latest versions of the Nest Wi-Fi routers, and Android and iOS devices with the Google Home app, can also act as Matter controllers. matter residences

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