Multi Room Audio Systems

Music plays a major role in our lives, from relaxing on the sofa to working out in the basement gym or cooking in the kitchen. Multi room audio systems allow you to enjoy your favourite tunes across different spaces of the house – all controlled from the same device. They are easy to set up and upgrade as your needs change and can be linked with lighting and shades so that you can create scenes that react to your audio.

The most common multiroom audio system is a wireless one that relies on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect the speakers. This means that it can easily be integrated with your existing streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. This makes it easy to transfer playlists and listen to the music that you love without having to switch between devices. This also enables you to control the system with your smartphone, tablet or computer so that you can play different songs and genres in different rooms or pause the music when you are in another part of the house.

These types of multiroom systems can be upgraded to include a subwoofer for enhanced bass. You can then add additional speakers as your home grows, creating a system that is tailored to your exact music preferences and space. They can be used in the living room, kitchen and bathroom, or you can extend the system outdoors so that you can listen to your music in the garden too.

Speakers can be hidden away behind walls, in ceilings or recessed into the floor so that they blend in with the room and are imperceptible. This helps to keep a clean and tidy look throughout your home and it means that the hardware is kept out of sight, leaving a sleek, modern design. This is a great option for older properties or those looking to increase the value of their home before selling it.

A professional smart home installer can also hide the cables and wires behind the walls or in the ceilings, ensuring that your multiroom audio installation looks completely seamless. This makes it a more subtle and less noticeable way to enjoy your favourite music, and it can also help to save space in the room.

Many people choose to have their multiroom audio system integrated with a smart home installation so that it can be used with a range of other smart devices. This means that you can control the music from your smart phone, tablet or computer, or from the touchscreen in your home automation controller. You can even use your voice to control the system and adjust the volume and altercation levels.

A multiroom audio system is a fantastic way to enhance your home, whether you’re watching a film in the lounge or hosting a dinner party with friends. It can be used for entertainment, to set a mood or to relax, and it can even be used to link with your lighting, shade and heating to create scenes that respond to your music.

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