Oriental Rugs

Beautiful But ExpensiveFor several reasons, Oriental rugs can be acclaimed as the “queen of rugs.” Due to their cost and finest texture, Oriental rugs have always been a “royal choice.” Since the early days when they were manufactured, they have been adorning palaces, bungalows, and posh houses. They seem to spell magic all around with their majesty and uniqueness. 

VarietiesOriental Rugs are woven in Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal or Tibet, India, China, Pakistan, and the Caucasus regions. Every country has its own style and design, which are followed in the Oriental Rugs.To elaborate, let us first look at the Iranian rugs. This country was formerly known as Persia. Both the antique Persian rugs and the modern Persian rugs are produced in Iran. Most of these are huge, bulky, and exquisite by all means. Originally, only pure sheep wool was used for rugs; later, synthetic fibers were also used. Most Persian rugs are expensive. 

The Oriental rugs produced in Nepal and Tibet are also famous in the Western markets. These rugs are flexible in that they can be easily shifted from one place to another. They may be simple in appearance but do not fail to attract people’s attention. Indian rugs are mostly made in Jaipur and Kashmir. Sometimes, they take themes from Pakistani art too.

The rugs from Afghanistan mostly carry war as the theme, and hence are referred to as “war rugs”. Chinese rugs are filled with their art and symbols. Oriental rugs are also woven in the Caucasus region.In some places, Oriental rugs carry specific themes and are very attractive, too. They can be an interesting blend of the old and new designs, which are also perceived from their neighboring countries. Some of the popular kinds or Oriental rugs are 828 International, AminCo, Feizy, Kalat, Lotfy, Momeni, Nichols, Fette, Samad, Tamarian, and Trans-Ocean.

New TrendsWith the vast growth in exports, Oriental rugs are designed to fulfill the expectations of the foreign users and markets. Oriental rugs need to be unique and a class apart to retain their popularity and win more markets.Rugs are expensive yet worth the money. They can be counted as a lifetime investment. So, it is important that you buy them from reliable dealers and ensure that the product is original and did not involve child labor. 

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