Paradise Energy Solutions – How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Energy Investment

The sun provides a clean, abundant source of energy. Harnessing it with cost-effective solar power can help our society avoid over-reliance on price volatile, insecure and climate-changing fossil fuels. However, we must accelerate the transition to solar energy through market incentives, regulatory policies and education initiatives.

As we move into a new era of solar, it’s important to make sure the industry maintains high reliability standards. This means that we must ensure the quality of the materials and equipment that go into PV systems. Rigid inspections, testing and maintenance should be standard practices. We should also demand transparency and openness from manufacturers on modules’ bill of materials. This can help prevent the hidden costs that plague other industries. For example, aviation and automobile manufacturing rely on rigorous inspections to catch problems that could be invisible to the naked eye.

The best way to minimize the upfront cost of a Star Plus Energy system is to take advantage of local and state rebates and tax credits. As these programs are being phased out, it’s more important than ever to act now. Our team will guide you through the process of identifying available programs and assisting with the application paperwork. Our goal is to help homeowners and businesses alike maximize their financial returns on a solar investment. Based on real systems Paradise Energy Solutions has installed for homes and businesses, the average residential and commercial/agricultural solar system will pay for itself in 6.3 years.

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