Psoriasis Lamps—“Get the treatment without the overexposure�

It is a fact proven by the medical field that sunlight does have a healing effect on psoriasis. But a person with this skin condition can’t lay out in the sun for prolonged periods just to cure the disease—there is too much of a risk for skin cancer as well as aging and burning of the skin. These ultraviolet rays must come in some controlled form. That form could be psoriasis lamps. These handy devices have been effective in lessening the presence of psoriasis patches on the skin.

These lamps have become prevalent in use both in clinics or doctor’s offices and in your own home. It is a convenient form of treatment to use in the winter months when your body is not getting many natural ultraviolet rays from the sunshine.

Psoriasis lamps supply you with the light therapy that your affected skin needs. You will usually be using the lamps four or five days per week. This treatment can last for a period of up to three months. To get the ultimate degree of satisfaction from our ultraviolet treatment you can combine the treatment with the medication, acitretin (this is of the retinoid category of drugs). You can also use the lamp together with a medicine called psoralen also used in the treatment of psoriasis.

There is a newer version of psoriasis lamps that modern technology has brought into existence. This psoriasis lamp makes use of laser therapy. This method allows for you to directly point the light beam to a particular area of the skin—thus providing more effective treatment. With the use of this type of lamp comes a smaller amount of side effects and a lesser amount of treatments.

There is an effective lamp on the market called the Sperti Phototherapy Psoriasis Lamp. This lamp offers a timer that you can adjust yourself and a high energy capacity. It has a Mercury Vapor Lamp that gives off UVB and UVA. This lamp is approved by the FDA. It does come with a table and a floor stand and it folds for easy storage. It runs on 110V AC (standard) and it comes with eyewear that blocks ultraviolet rays from the person being treated and anyone else in the room.

Remember that any of the psoriasis lamps that are approved by the food and Drug Administration and are deemed as medical devices by the experts in that field must be bought with a doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, these lamps must be used only under the professional advice of a physician. Do not attempt to use them without any advice—you could truly injure yourself. Bedside lamps shop

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