Sea Shell Jewelry

Sea shell jewelry is a beautiful way to carry the beauty and energy of the ocean with you. These natural treasures can be a great addition to any outfit. They can be adorned with beads, charms, stones, flowers and other jewels to create a unique piece of jewelry.

A simple yet elegant necklace can be made using a single large shell. Alternatively, several medium-sized shells can be used together to create a bolder design. Smaller shells can also be used to make simple bracelets and rings.

For some people, Seashells have deep personal significance. They remind them of vacations and carefree days by the shore, bringing back fond memories. Others choose Seashells to express their spirituality. For example, many practitioners of crystal healing and energy work believe that certain Seashells have a calming effect on the emotions. They also believe that these shells can help individuals access their subconscious mind and connect with the ocean’s mystical energies.

While some may think of Shells as casual jewelry, they are actually ancient treasures. In fact, archaeological studies have found that human beings crafted ornaments from seashells as early as 142,000 years ago. This was probably part of the way they communicated their beliefs and values with their clothing and accessories. Today, designers like Claudia Ortega are reviving seashells and taking them back to their roots. She sources her shells on the beach and at shell dealers in Paris, then designs pieces inspired by the symmetry of Art Deco style and has them made in Jaipur, India. Sea shell jewelry

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