Sennheiser G4ME Zero PC Gaming Headset Review

I don’t usually get the chance to do many reviews on gaming headsets, so when I found out I could get my hands on a pair of these Sennheiser G4ME Zero’s, I took it! Big thanks to Sennheiser for sending these out to me! This G4ME Zero gaming headset is specifically designed to be used with your PC only. Although you may be able to find an adapter to connect it to other consoles, such as the PS3/PS4 or the Xbox, I still have not found one.

G4ME Zero Unboxing & Accessories

I’m a big fan of Sennheiser’s presentations, whether its a pair of regular headphones or a gaming headset, the product is always neatly presented, which makes it an enjoyable unboxing experience. The G4ME headset came in a professional packaging that was easy to open. The headset was safely tucked away inside the semi-hard shell carrying case. This headset didn’t come with many accessories, besides the zip up carrying case, which is high quality and equipped with a few pouches inside. Not many accessories are needed for a gaming headset anyways, in my opinion.

G4ME Zero Gaming Headset Comfort and Features

The G4ME is no doubt, a very high quality gaming headset. A lot of thought has gone into the build, performance, and comfort of these headphones, to insure many hours of super enjoyable PC game play. The ear-pieces on the G4ME Zero are extra large and roomy, making them cup perfectly over your ears, with absolutely no pressure points. This extra large ear-piece design also helps those who sweat a lot during game play, as these seem to allow just enough room for proper ventilation. The ear-cups are padded with memory foam and covered in a soft leatherette material (I do wish they used real leather). The headband is extendable and is also padded with memory foam, and wrapped in the same material.

These G4ME Zero gaming headsets are mainly an all plastic construction, but have a feeling of durability and elegance to them. The microphone on these is super cool, and has the style of a super-boom microphone. To mute the microphone during game play all you have to do is swing it upwards, fast and simple. Sennheiser has also implemented convenient volume control located on the right ear-piece, which is a dial that can be quickly adjusted, even in the middle of the most intense gaming situations.

The cable on the G4ME Zero is 3 meters long, which is enough slack to freely move around when connected to your PC. The cable is cotton wrapped, and very strong. It would have been nice if the cable was removable, but it’s not.

G4ME Zero Sound and Microphone Performance

The sound on this headset is good enough to bump your favourite music through. Even though these are designed for gaming, they have fine tuned audio frequencies and balance. What I really liked about them was how the gaming effects were crisp and realistic, but at the same time hi-lighting the voice coming from your friends that your playing with. It was easy to communicate with online players even with rough gaming effects in the background. This headset is also noise-caneclling, letting you zone into your game play.

The microphone is very sharp, and although not designed for recording in a production environment, they could easy still be used for that. The microphone does not pick up any background noise at all, which is another very well designed feature coming from Sennheiser. If you cant already tell, I love these bad boys! And you probably will too. Yugioh trading cards

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