Sidr Leaves

Sidr leaves (Ziziphus spina christi) are an essential component of many traditional remedies for various health ailments. The leaves are a natural disinfectant and can treat wounds, cuts and bruises. They also help to heal swollen eyes and relieve pain from insect bites. In addition, they are used in treating dandruff and head lice. The juice of the leaves can also be applied on hair to reduce baldness and make it thicker. In the past, people used to crush Sidr leaves and apply them on the face as a facial cleanser.

Sidr fruits are a good source of vitamin C, which helps strengthen immunity and fight against free radicals that cause diseases. Eating the fruit can also reduce constipation, which is a common problem among adults. The fruits can also be used to prevent cancer and increase energy levels.

The Quran describes the Sidr tree as one of the plants that exist in both the world and Jannah, and it has been mentioned several times in the Sunna. It is used in the ghusl a non-Muslim takes upon entering Islam, and the prophet advised that it can cure impotence for men (Fath Al-Bari – 10/233).

The leaves of the Sidr plant are rich in minerals, such as calcium, iron and magnesium. They can be purchased at shops that sell herbs and natural medicines, or online. They can be boiled to create an infusion, which can then be used as a shampoo or rinse. They can also be used in a hair conditioner to treat dandruff and to keep the scalp healthy.

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