Silver Cloth

Silver Cloth is a non-toxic, environmentally safe cloth that protects silver and silver-plated articles and cleans and polishes them without scratching. The silver-impregnated cloth removes dirt and makes brooches, rings and other precious jewellery shine.

This special fabric is woven from cotton in which thousands of fine silver particles are embedded by precipitation. The tarnish preventing material keeps jewelry, silver plate and hollowware lustrous, clean and shiny by absorbing tarnish producing gases from the atmosphere before they reach silver items. Pacific Silvercloth also protects against dust and scratches.

The fabric is very soft and flexible, drapable to conform to the shape of objects. It is a rich brown colour (colour of the colloidal silver on the fibres) and it has a strong and long-lasting anti-tarnish action, lasting for several decades depending on the environment. It is twice as effective as fabrics impregnated with zinc.

According to the company that produces it, Pacific Silvercloth is “the best way to protect silver.” The silver cloth absorbs and binds sulfur, which prevents tarnish on silver. It can be purchased in a variety of sizes and can be used as a bag liner for silver flatware and other delicates or to line a showcase or chest.

Popelka notes that silver items stored in drawers or other containers containing the silver cloth should be wiped down occasionally with a damp sponge. The cloth should be replaced as soon as it becomes black. As it is made of cotton, this silver polishing cloth can be laundered — but not dry cleaned, which would remove the special anti-tarnish treatment.

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