Staying at One of the Many Fresno Hotels – Don’t Miss the Wine and the Meux

Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and sits at the midpoint of the state. Fresno hotels are often full to capacity with visitors wanting to spend time in one of the national forest such as Sequoia or Kings Canyon. Although the parks are quite wonderful, Fresno has many other things to offer the visitor including a beautiful and hidden wine country and some interesting history like what you find at the Meux Museum.

When people think of California wines, they usually think of Napa or Sonoma, but did you know that Fresno has its own set of vineyards and wineries? Once used exclusively for cattle grazing, acres and acres of Fresno County are now used to grow wine grapes. The area is a hidden treasure for the wine enthusiast and is known for such varieties as Burgundy, Zinfandel, and Claret; Sauterne and Rhine. You’ll definitely want to book a stay at one of the amazing Fresno, CA hotels so you drink in the sights and sounds of Fresno’s wine country.

One of the neatest hidden treasures in Fresno is the Meux Home Museum. In addition to all the other sights and destinations in Fresno, hotels and concierges are often asked about this local historic treasure. The Meux Home Museum invokes the flavor and charm of Victorian Fresno. This restored dwelling is circa 1890 and is a typical middle-class residence furnished in the period. It is now a representative house museum. Costumed tour guides are more than happy to lead you on a tour of this restored urban through the home.

Fresno is known for being ideally located to visit all the national parks, but it has a lot more up its sleeve. Whether you’re visiting the Fresno area for business or pleasure, be sure to leave enough time to check out all the awesome things Fresno has to offer oregon wine tours

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