Super Human Performance

Anyone who watched Usain Bolt sprint the 100 meters in the Berlin Olympics was witness to a super human performance.  His speedy dash which lasted all of 9.58 seconds outstripped the silver medalist, Tyson Gay, by 0.13 seconds.  Tyson had ran his socks off and was equally far in front of the bronze medalist, and yet he had to be satisfied with second place.

Some may say that Usain Bolt had a major advantage with being as tall as he is; a longer stride means fewer steps after all.  But if this was the one factor which set him apart we would expect all sprinters to be similarly tall and to achieve similar speeds, which is not the case.  Usain Bolt’s performance was truly inspired.  What sets the winners apart in all sport is in actual fact their attitude. 

Looking back over the years the effect of one’s mental attitudecan be clearly seen.  When Roger Bannister first ran a four minute mile he surprised a lot of people.  It had previously been thought of as an absolute impossibility; it was even thought that the human body would somehow spontaneously combust if one did push themselves to run at that speed.  But after he managed that land mark time others quickly followed simply because their minds had been opened to this opportunity.

There are many people who have achieved major sporting successdespite physical impairments.  Take Harold Connolly for instance; he won the gold medal in the hammer throw event during the 1956 summer Olympics in Melbourne.  He managed this despite having one arm which was shorter and weaker than the other.  Harold developed a different technique as a result of his handicap; would anyone who did not have such disability even think of using ballet slippers as a means of improving their performance, do you think?

It is abundantly clear that sporting performance is not dependent purely upon shape or size or even fitness levels.  Yes, these elements all have a great impact; but the thing which sets apart the winners when competing at a high level is the way in which they use their minds.  A super human performance is not just the domain of physically super humans.  In sport this is now readily acknowledged, hence the number of sports psychologists and sports hypnotists.  Mind control is essential if one wants to achieve great things.

This phenomenon is not restricted to sporting performance.  Your mind is what makes the difference in everything in life.  It is truly amazing what you can do when your mind is on your side.  One of the most extreme examples which pops to mind is of a small lady who managed to lift a car off her son after a winch had broken and the car had fallen on top of him.  She stopped her son from being crushed and was not even aware at the time that she had broken her own back in the process.  That’s mind control and pain control at its best. machine screw size chart

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