The Diesel Engine Fire Portable Fighting Pump

The Diesel engine fire portable fighting pump is an emergency fire and bilge pump that can be easily moved on board by a single person. Based on the proven DESMI SA series, this portable fire pump is close coupled to a new-developed lightweight hand start Hatz diesel engine. The unit can be powered from the vessel’s own fuel tank for increased run time or from an external 230V supply. The pump is fitted with Storz C-2″ couplings for easy connection of the hoses and is mounted on a stable carrying frame.

A diesel-powered pump is the most common type of firefighting equipment found on boats, with many municipalities across the country using them for marine and port safety and rescue as well as wildfire fighting. Large fireboats are often able to draw water from multiple hydrants at once and drop water lines into bodies of water for rapid, massive fire suppression power. Wildfire fighters also use diesel-powered bulldozers to cut firebreaks across rugged terrain to keep fire from spreading through the brush and trees.

The diesel engine fire portable fighting pump is a self-priming emergency fire fighting and bilge pump for use on vessels with a maximum head of up to 8m. It is equipped with a 2″ suction inlet and 3″ pressurised outlet hose ports, a manual bypass and a pressure gauge. The pump has a capacity of 30m3/hr at 7 bar delivery. The Diesel engine fire fighting pump is supplied complete with a strainer, 6 meters of 1 1/2″ fire fighting hose and adjustable brass nozzle.

In addition to an emergency fire fighting and bilge pump, all yachts should have a properly-sized clean-agent automatic fire extinguisher system installed in the engine room. These are cylinders that discharge a clean, chemical agent directly into the engine compartment in case of an engine-room fire to prevent it from spreading through combustible materials and possibly damaging the engine and other equipment onboard. They should be mounted in a location that is accessible without opening hatches or access panels, and located near the fire port so the extinguisher can be discharged quickly if you become aware of an engine-room fire.

The Angus LD1800 is a heavy duty portable fire pump with high head capability and a robust pump casing capable of sustaining substantial input pressures from hydrants or relay pumping, as well as being boosted to higher output pressures for high fire fighting performance. The LD1800 is also designed to be easy to operate in an emergency situation, with features such as an electric start and exhaust ejector priming, making it a quick and reliable fire pump to put into service. The LD1800 is available in a range of flow and head options to suit your specific requirements.

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