The role of vitamin A on human skin

Vitamin C is the best antibiotic oxidizer, for the formation of collagen plays an important role, the body lacks of vitamin C prone to show up pigmentation, freckles and other issues; Vitamin E is a strong effective antibiotic oxidizer can resist free radicals damage skin, fight aging; vitamin A protects epithelial tissue, if lack of it will make the skin dry, cutin metabolic disorders, and lead to plump accumulation of cutin, dull skin and not shiny.

Generally speaking, the human body can not manufacture vitamin, only can intake from food, but many vitamins nutritious food absorbed by the body can not be directly work on skin, while use the smear method may be able to directly play a role in the skin. Vitamins are divided into water soluble and fat-soluble two types, such as vitamin C is water soluble, and vitamin A, vitamin E are belonging to the fat-soluble. However, when these vitamins are added to skin care product this oil and water mixture, in order to ensure its stability and effectiveness, or even causing irritation to the skin, most vitamins are prepared to derivatives form, and then through some effective bio-conversion technology, make it gradually restored to the original vitamin form, finally the skin can truly and completely absorb and use the vitamins in the product.

Vitamin A has A alcohol, A ester and A acid, fall and winter season is the most beautiful season for vitamin A derivatives, as cosmetics material, the most adept remove wrinkle and anti-aging function of them is unparalleled, if completely sent the vitamin A to the underlying skin, eternal youth is no longer a dream, vitamin a acid has an effect of make rough skin become smooth, and can enhance the skin metabolism, promote the shedding of the cuticle, the concentration should be suitable for use, it will be very dangerous.

Whether vitamin A in the human body is adequacy or not are closely related to skin health, unfortunately, the body itself can not produce vitamin A acid, must be absorbed through food or drug. According to tretinoin manufacturer, general drugs are fat-soluble vitamin A acid (tretinoin), if the dose is not well controlled, it will produce side effects. Through modern medicine and modern high technology synthetic vitamin A is existed in A ester state, it not only did not irritate the skin, and the excess amount saved through enzymatic conversion. Therefore, appropriately supply vitamin A has effects on eliminating wrinkles indeed.

In order to save the vitamin A in skin care products, it requires using Microsoft capsules or emulsion technology to isolate light and heat. Each member of vitamin A derivatives are not the same, such as A alcohol, A ester usually wrapped up by “microcapsule”, isolated light, air and heat, and then added to the emulsion or essence, ensure that the way transport to the skin will not be damaged, and can be saved through the emulsification method. The more pure vitamin A will be more strongly sensitive to light, so the product packaging will try to adopt completely isolated light methods, such as aluminum tube packaging and so on. TretinoinYouth

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