Traveling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and one of the beautiful cities in the Netherlands. Every year a number of tourists visit the city. The city has an excellent tourism infrastructure, which include good hotels in Amsterdam, clean and wide roads, fine cafes and restaurants, and a number of sightseeing spots. The other thing that strikes most about Amsterdam is its public transport system. The transport system in Amsterdam includes rail, bus, and ferry. This provides visitors and residents multiple travel options.

The taxi system is quite elaborate in the city but it operates in a slightly different manner as compared to other parts of the world. Not many countries have pick-up points and those which have don’t take it seriously. But pickup points in Amsterdam are strictly identified and adhered to. A ‘Treintexi’ is another convenient way to travel from one train station to another. The traintaxis are affordable as a tourist can save money by sharing these taxi rides.

A traveler to Amsterdam can also use trams, buses or subways. However, it is good idea to first know about the city zoning. The city is divided into different areas known as zones and the number of zones you’ll be traveling through is important. ‘Strippenkaart’ or strip ticket is used for public transit system. The ticket is easily available at terminals and many stores. You can even purchase it from vending machines. Tickets are stamped for each trip either by a conductor on a tram or by the traveler in one of the machines available on trams or at train/metro stations. A traveler can also purchase a 24-hour ticket that allows unlimited traveling for any 24-hour period. Though, it is not very good deal for the daily traveler, but if you intend to travel a lot, it’s useful. One can also purchase an eight-day ticket for occasional public travel needs. So, you don’t have purchase a ticket every time you wish to travel in the city.

You won’t find many private vehicles in the city as parking is very expensive. If you plan to drive a private car in Amsterdam, parking may be more of an issue than navigating the streets. Parking regulations are strictly enforced, especially in the inner city area.

If you like you can happily rent a bicycle. Bicycles are very popular in Amsterdam and you’ll find that most city streets include an area for bike traffic. Many of the streets are narrow, making them more suited for bicycles than for cars. The city also has ‘taxi-cycles,’ which are small vehicles powered by pedals and a driver but with a seat for up to two passengers. weed

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