What Does a Law Tutor Do?

Law Tutor provides students with a tailored learning experience that is not always available to them within the university setting. This can include supporting them with topics that they struggle with, helping them to prepare for exams and offering guidance on written work such as essays.

Students are able to meet with their tutors online from the comfort of their own home at times that suit them. This means that they can focus their energy on studying rather than the stress of commuting or traveling. Online meetings can also provide students with the opportunity to ask their tutors questions in real time, and to receive feedback on their work as it is being completed.

In addition to working with students on specific academic writing tasks, a tutor can also support them with legal analysis and structure. Tutors can help them to develop a strong argument, and to write a persuasive essay that makes their point. They can also help them to develop a clear and concise study guide, and to improve their exam preparation.

Whether you need help with tort law or criminal trespassing laws, a law tutor will be able to support you through the difficult first year of law school. Unlike undergraduate courses, law school is a completely new environment with different content and a much higher level of reading. Having a tutor as a 1L can make this transition easier and faster, and will help you to learn the skills needed to succeed on your exams and in your future career as a solicitor or barrister. Law Tutor

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