What Does a Locksmith Do?

Locksmiths install, repair, and replace locks for homes and businesses. They may also assist with home and vehicle lockouts, and provide security consultations to clients. They have a wide range of skills and equipment, including the ability to cut keys accurately and rekey locks to disable old keys. They may also install and repair keyless entry systems.

Some locksmiths have mobile units that can respond to emergencies, such as a locked car or house. They can open locked cars and houses, rekey locks to make them work with new keys, and unlock safes. They can also install and replace door knobs, handle sets, and deadbolts. They can even rekey a safe to allow only authorized individuals to access the contents.

Many locksmiths have a shop or storefront, where they sell and service their products. They may have a display of different locks, and can consult with customers to provide them with recommendations. Some locksmiths are also security consultants, and can assess a client’s current security measures and recommend upgrades.

A person who is locked out of their home or car can be very frustrated. They might try any method possible to open the lock, from using hooks and tools to brute force, but this can cause damage that requires a complete replacement of the door’s structure. The best thing to do is call a professional locksmith. This will ensure that the job is done properly and safely, without any damage to the property.locksmith chicago

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