What Is a Swaging Machine?

A swaging machine is a type of metal forming equipment used to reduce rod or tube and to form a variety of shapes. This method of forming metal uses a rapid succession of hammer strikes to form the metal rather than cutting it with a blade as in other methods of forming metal. Swaging machines are known for their durability and long service life, frequently operating for decades before needing replacement parts. Keeping the machine in good working order with regular maintenance and inspections is key to maintaining accuracy of production. The primary “wear parts” of the swaging machine are the split dies which separate and close up to 2,000 times per minute, as well as the hammers that strike them. They should be replaced when they become worn out in order to ensure that the swaging process is accurate and that the finished part meets specifications.

Swaging can be performed on solid or tubular materials and can be utilized to assemble cable terminals, lugs, and connectors onto steel wires and electrical cables. It can also be employed to create swage nuts which are used to secure termination and joint fittings onto steel wire and rope. Swaging is also used to increase pipe diameter, to allow a smaller pipe to be joined to a larger one, or to connect two pipes of different diameters.

Three main types of swaging are available: rotary, stationary and hydraulic. Rotary swagers are ideal for pointing, sizing and forming metal rod and tubing. They are often used to manufacture circular sections which can be shaped or tapered, swaged with a flange, and can perform both hot and cold swaging operations.

Stationary swagers can be utilized to manufacture complete parts from entry rounds, squares or rectangles to complex cross-sections. They can be operated with either a simultaneous or an alternate blow and are capable of performing both hot and cold swaging operations. They are commonly utilized to produce shaped and swaged components such as fluid control or aeronautical tubes.

Hydraulic swaging is typically performed on large diameter tubing in order to produce a round section that can be joined to other tubing. It can also be used to swage flat sections of tubes in order to create flanges and other features that require a more compact and rigid section.

FENN provides a full range of swaging machine options and accessories to meet the specific needs of each application. Our expert application specialists and spare parts department are ready to assist you in designing a custom swaging solution that is perfect for your needs. We also offer additional swager accessories like sound enclosures, coolant/slushing systems and feeders to optimize your swaging process. Contact us today to learn more about the best swaging machine for your needs. Each swager is designed and manufactured in-house at FENN’s East Berlin, CT location. We are dedicated to meeting the demands of our customers for high quality swagers that are reliable and long lasting.

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