Why a Composite Door Could Be the Right Choice For Your Home

If you are considering changing the front or back one in your home a composite door is an option for you. They are ones that are made to give the look of a traditional timber door. The material used to make these doors is called “GRP” which stands for Glass Resin Plastic and is also known as fiberglass, its used for the skin of these doors. The skin has a wood grain effect to then which imitates the look of wood.

In side these composites there is a sub frame which goes round the outside of the panel, and then inside the panel there is a thick filled dense foam like material. This foam will fill the whole of the door and really works well as an insulator. In fact a good quality composites which uses the best composite materials is up to seven times more efficient at keeping the warmth in.

The outer skin of these front doors come in a variety of different colours, and on the better composite doors the colour is not just sprayed on but actually the whole sheet is made in the specified colour. Once the door has been fitted most manufactures will offer a ten-year guarantee. The guarantee on a door covers a large number of difference aspects of the door, firstly the locking mechanisms of the door, secondly if the door is maintained properly the door is also guaranteed against the colour keeping its same brightness without fading in anyway to br the best way forward.

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