Women’s Bamboo Leggings

Every woman needs a pair of basic leggings in her wardrobe. Made with organic and skin friendly bamboo fabric, these high-waisted bamboo leggings are stretchy, soft to the touch and breathable to keep you comfortable throughout your workouts. They fit perfectly and go well with all of your t-shirts and tops.

These bamboo leggings are the ultimate yoga, gym and walking essential. They’re odour resistant, moisture wicking and are OEKO-TEX certified as being safe for your skin. They’re perfect for those with sensitive skin, as the rounded structure of the bamboo fibres means they don’t have any hard edges that could irritate it. The fabric is also eco-friendly as bamboo trees require less water to grow than cotton and uses far less water in the manufacturing process too.

Made with a mix of organic bamboo viscose and organic cotton, these leggings are odour resistant, moisture wicking, and super soft to the touch. OEKO-TEX certified, they’re suitable for those with sensitive skin and are antibacterial. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, as the bacteriostatic bio-agent stays in the fabric when it’s made into garments and helps to kill bacteria, leaving you feeling fresher and odour free for longer.

This pair of bamboo leggings are made from a mix of organic bamboo viscose, organic cotton and spandex for optimum comfort and stretchability. They’re odour resistant, soft to the touch and have a great level of support which makes them ideal for everyday wear and activewear including running, hiking and yoga.

Designed, cut and finished in the UK, these leggings are odour-resistant, moisture wicking, antibacterial and ultra soft to the touch. They’re OEKO-TEX certified as being both safe for your skin and the environment. The fabric is sustainably produced with no need for irrigation or pesticides, using a minimal amount of water in the manufacturing process.

MiiK creates size-inclusive bamboo leggings that are both stylish and sustainable. They work closely with their supply chain to ensure that the fabrics they use are ethically made and meet high standards of quality. They use a blend of cotton and bamboo fabric to create their range of size-inclusive yoga wear, making them the most comfortable pair of leggings you’ll ever own. women’s bamboo leggings

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